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Full length – 2 ACT – 3 Roles: 2W 1M

Teenager Tabs,  reunited with her estranged Mum, pushes for the reasons for her abandonment ten years ago, only to be left trying to find her own way home.

Strawberry was 1 of 65, from 700 submissions to make it to the second round at the Bush Theatre UK. 

License available May 2018

Half of Me

Half of Me

Monologue – 15 mins

Helen attempts to justify the abandonment of her daughter, Tabitha, ten years ago.


Half of Me was selected for as one of six plays for the PlaySix festival – performed at the Gasworks, Melbourne, featuring Melanie Madrigali, directed by Alicia Benn-Lawler. 

Reached the final round of Reboot theatre submission.

The film version, featuring Lee McClenaghan and directed by Katrina Mathers, is currently in post-production – due for release early 2018.


Half of Her

Monologue –  15 minutes

Adam is conflicted as to whether he should pass on a letter to his daughter, Tabs.

The film version of ‘Half of Her‘ featuring Rowan Howard, directed by Harry Anderson, is currently in post-production.


All of Me

Monologue – 15 minutes

Teenager Tabs reflects on the letter she’s received from her estranged mother, Helen.

The film version of ‘All of Me‘, featuring Molly Broadstock, directed by Lee McClenaghan, is currently in post-production. 

WifeOf_titleONLY Wife Of

Monologue – 10 mins

Tanya, while ironing, dreams of being more than a military ‘wife of‘.





Monologue – 15 mins (Radio Play)

Lizzy, at her Nan’s wake, is confused by the jar of pickled gherkins labelled ‘To Lizzy, your favourite, love Nan’. Lizzy can’t stand gherkins. Even in a Big Mac.

The Latchkey Kids Kerry Drumm

The Latchkey Kids

Character and story development with potential to be developed as a feature film.

Tommy, with the help from his friends of Tinker Row, East London, form an army to rescue his younger siblings evacuated during the Blitz.


Spilt Milk

In development –  full length – 2M 2F.

Army Dad and husband Jay is a few hours away from deploying on a six month tour of Afghanistan, when over a bowl of fruit loops, his teenage daughter Molly announces she’s pregnant. His ten year old son, Matty, questions his sexuality and his wife Lucy wants a divorce. Who needs to go to war, right?



Radio Play – in development

Ada is under pressure from family to sell her house while the market is hot, but determined to stay,  Ada risks losing everything.


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