Full length – 2 ACT – 3 Roles: 2W 1M

Teenager Tabs plans to spend the summer with her estranged mother, until the discovery of the truth has Tabs trying to find her way home. 


  • Selected for 2019 season – more soon. 
  • Licensed through JAB Management.
  • 1 of 65, from 700 submissions to make it to the second round at the Bush Theatre UK.  

Half of Me

1 Role – Female, Monologue – 20 mins

Helen attempts to justify the abandonment of her daughter Tabs when she discovers a letterfrom Tabs post marked two years ago.

Available upon request.

  • Selected for as one of six plays for the PlaySix festival – performed at the Gasworks, Melbourne, featuring Melanie Madrigali, directed by Alicia Benn-Lawler. 
  • Reached the final round of Reboot theatre submission. 
  • Reached the final round of Canal Shorts
  • The film version, featuring Lee McClenaghan and directed by Katrina Mathers is currently in post-production – due for release 2018. 


Be Someone. Today

ONE ACT – 3 Roles – 35-45 mins

Three lives are impacted by the destructive actions of one person and the turning of a blind eye by another.

Available upon request.

  • Selected for ADP (Manchester UK) produced script reading – dates tbc

In Development


Full length – 2 ACT – 6 Roles

Yorky, medically discharged from the Army, has a breakdown behind the wheel after he’s persuaded by his grandfather, Buster, to steal the family car to drive him to a D-Day Memorial in France.



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