I have a number of plays at various stages of development. The latest…

STRAWBERRY has been selected by Australian Plays and is available to purchase and license. BROTHERS, directed by Peter Newling, featuring Daniel O’Kane and Liam O’Kane are currently in a run of workshops, with rehearsals due in the summer. Produced by Little Red Fox Productions, Brothers is working towards a national and international season. ROCKET is 1 of 20 pieces selected for WOMEN of VOICES, 2o2o, Sydney. PUNCHED has been selected for PlaySix Festival 2020 and Short Works Series 2o20 at Wyndham Theatre


Full length – 3 Roles: 2F 1M

Teenager Tabs plans to spend the summer with her estranged mother until the discovery of the truth has Tabs trying to find her way home.

  • Selected for Australian Plays, 2020
  • World Premiere, September 2019 –  more info HERE 
  • VDL Nominated – 2019
  • Maxine Palmerson nominated Cordell Award for Best Performance in a Principal Role
  • 1 of 65, from 700 submissions to make it to the second round at the Bush Theatre UK.

Half of Me

1 Role – Female, Monologue – 20 mins

Helen attempts to justify the abandonment of her daughter Tabs when she discovers a letter from Tabs post marked two years ago.

  • Selected for as one of six plays for the PlaySix festival – performed at the Gasworks, Melbourne, featuring Melanie Madrigali, directed by Alicia Benn-Lawler. 
  • Reached the final round of Reboot theatre submission. 
  • Reached the final round of Canal Shorts.
  • The film version, featuring Lee McClenaghan and directed by Katrina Mathers – world premiere St Kilda Film Festival and various festivals worldwide.
  • Nominated ‘Best Screenplay’ Maverick Movie Awards, LA


1F – monologue – 10 mins (2019)

ANNIE HOVACK, sassy, gobby, trapped, mean, kind, and super fucking smart has just been arrested. So, maybe not that smart?

  • One of 20 pieces selected for Women of Voices 2020 – Sydney, touring NSW.
  • Selected for Madwomen Monologues, Baggage Productions (2019) – performed by Samantha Hill , Director Lucy Norton.


1M – Monologue – 10 mins (2020)

Bisto, arrested for punching his Father, at his Father’s funeral, justifies his arrest while he waits for his mug shot.

  • One of six plays selected for PlaySix Festival, 2020
  • Selected for Short Works Series, Wyndham Theatre, 2020

Be Someone Today

ONE ACT – 3 Roles – 35-45 mins

Three connected lives are separately impacted  by the destructive actions of one person.

  • Selected for ADP ‘Script Aloud’ (Manchester UK) produced script reading – 2019 – featuring – Nicki Davy, Simon Cove and Amy Halliday, directed by Leni Murphy
  • Shortlisted (7%) Supernova 8 Festival of One Act Plays, Bench Theatre, UK – 2019

In Development


Workshop ONE, Dec, 2019

Workshop TWO, Feb, 2020

Estranged brothers come together as one of them battles cancer, the other addiction.

Fearing death and what’s been left unspoken, the brothers retrace their  dysfunctional childhood, and the night that turned their world and once tight brotherly relationship, upside down.

Produced by Little Red Fox Productions. Directed by Peter Newling, with Daniel O’Kane and Liam O’Kane attached as brothers Matt and Jay.


One Act – 3F 4M (various ages)

Seven arrests, seven mug shots, seven reasons why.

If you would like to discuss any of the above titles you can contact me HERE