Full length – 2 ACT – 3 Roles: 2F 1M

Teenager Tabs plans to spend the summer with her estranged mother, until the discovery of the truth has Tabs trying to find her way home.

  • World Premiere, September 2019 – featuring  Liam O’Kane, Maxine Palmerston, Tamar Collier, directed by Shirley Sydenham – more info HERE 
  • VDL Nomimated – 2019
  • 1 of 65, from 700 submissions to make it to the second round at the Bush Theatre UK.

Half of Me

1 Role – Female, Monologue – 20 mins

Helen attempts to justify the abandonment of her daughter Tabs when she discovers a letter from Tabs post marked two years ago.

  • Selected for as one of six plays for the PlaySix festival – performed at the Gasworks, Melbourne, featuring Melanie Madrigali, directed by Alicia Benn-Lawler. 
  • Reached the final round of Reboot theatre submission. 
  • Reached the final round of Canal Shorts.
  • The film version, featuring Lee McClenaghan and directed by Katrina Mathers


1F – monologue – 5-6 mins (2019)

ANNIE HOVACK, 30, she’s sassy, gobby, trapped, mean, kind, and super fucking smart.

Annie justifies her arrest while she waits for her mug shot. 

  • Selected for Madwomen Monologues, Baggage Productions (2019) – Director Lucy Norton

Be Someone. Today

ONE ACT – 3 Roles – 35-45 mins

Three connected lives are separately impacted  by the destructive actions of one person.

  • Selected for ADP ‘Script Aloud’ (Manchester UK) produced script reading – 2019 – featuring – Nicki Davy, Simon Cove and Amy Halliday, directed by Leni Murphy
  • Shortlisted (7%) Supernova 8 Festival of One Act Plays, Bench Theatre, UK – 2019


1M – monologue – 5-6 mins (2019)

Bisto, handcuffed and bleeding waiting for his mugshot, relives the final moments leading up to his arrest.

In Development – theatre


Full length – in dev. (2020)

A high-spirited military wives Friday night ‘fuck-a-ware’ party is thrown into disarray when they learn of a communications blackout with their husbands in Afghanistan. As they wait, tension grows, and this once close group of friends start to turn on each other as the fear of the unknown escalates. 

The Latchkey Kids

Full length musical – in dev.

The children of Tinker Row attempt to rebuild their street during the London Blitz so their dads can find their way home. 

If you would like to discuss any of the above titles you can contact me HERE

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