I have a number of screenplays optioned and at various stages of development, some of which are listed below. If you would like to view my writers portfolio, which contains further information and other projects,  you can do so HERE.  One pagers are available for Chests Pains, Bumble Bees, Sunny and Hadrian’s Falls. I’m currently working on a project at December Media, Giant Screen, due for release June, 2018.

Stageplays HEREHalf of Me was selected and performed as one of six plays at PlaySix Festival  and reached the final stages of Reboot submissions. Strawberry reached the final round at The Bush Theatre, UK.



6 x 60′ drama

Military wives fight to survive in their own battle zone when their husbands go off to war.

Currently optioned with December Media



Wish Upon a Star

6 x 60′ drama

A fancy dress shop ‘Wish Upon a Star’ struggles to stay afloat while their hired costumes change lives.

Currently optioned with December Media




6 x 60′ drama

Paroled convicts, as part of their rehabilitation into society, are given the task of managing a community garden.

Currently optioned with December Media


In Development



6 x 60 Dark Comedy – (UK/Aus) one pager available

More information soon.



webbbBumble Bees

6 x 60′ Drama  (British) –  one pager available – spec script in development.

Theatre director Albert Dylan, hit hard by a  failed production, plans to recuperate in the quiet village of Honey Cove and write his autobiography, except the members of a local amateur dramatic society pull out all the stops in a bid to recruit him to save their theatre company.

Hadrian’s Falls

6 x 60′ Drama – (British) one pager available

Jess is made redundant leaving him no choice but to relocate his family to a derelict farm he recently inherited, including Tip Toe, the bull and a screeching cockerel named Spike.

PerfectCrime_HoldImageThe Perfect Crime

6 x 60′ Drama

Pensioners, Molly, Jeanette and Oli, volunteers at Meals on Wheels, disheartened and fearful of society’s failing care of the elderly, attempt to commit the perfect crime that will have them sentenced to prison.

Chest Pains No Text

Chest Pains

6 x 60′ Drama – one pager available

Boo, a trainee nurse working accident & emergency, juggles work, rest and play.

#livelife #vodka #fuckingitup #loser

Molly Monday Image

Molly Monday

8 x 30′ Family Drama

Molly is struggling to come to terms with having to move overseas. Encouraged by her school counsellor to film her final weeks with friends and at home, Molly captures secrets and surprises that nobody expected.




Television  Drama – 2 x 60′ – Scripts available upon request.

When Lauren’s husband crosses the picket line  she has to defend her family and home when she finds herself ostracised from the community and labelled a scab.


6 x 60 Drama

The Woody Estate youth club, under threat from the council, has its young members take a stand against the establishment and their own personal battles, when they demand to be heard.


Milk Bottle Tops – series bible available

6 x TV Drama – based on true events

When Grace watches her friend pass out in the street from lack of food, she goes against the wishes of her husband and family and starts an all female charity football tournament to raise funds for the soup kitchen during the 1921 miners strike.


Crash Test Divorce

Short – IMDbScreen Australia

A married couple are forced to confront their true feelings after an accident traps them in their car.

DIR: Dana Newell



Half of Me

Short film (in post production) – IMDb

Helen tries to justify the abandonment of her daughter ten years ago.

DIR: Katrina Mathers

The play version was selected for PlaySix and produced and performed on stage – end of 2017.


 Half of Her 

Short film (in post production)

DIR: Harry Anderson


All of Me

Short film (in post production)

DIR: Lee McClenaghan



If you would like to discuss any of the above titles, or request my writers portfolio, you can contact me HERE


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