Below are a few of my projects at various stages of development. If you would like to view my full writers portfolio, please get in-touch. I have projects optioned and in development with Emmy and BAFTA winning production company December Media.  

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Great Barrier Reef

 Great Barrier Reef

Writers: Tony Wright & Kerry Drumm

Narrated by Eric Bana and produced by December Media for IMAX and Giant Screen. 



Official Website

Spec Pilot available as reading sample upon request

Wish Upon a Star

6 x 60′ Drama

A fancy dress shop ‘Wish Upon a Star’ struggles to stay afloat while their hired costumes change lives.

Currently optioned with December Media

TV Pilot and series BIBLE available upon request

Bumble Bees

6 x 60′  Drama

Theatre director Sir Albert Dylan, 70, in a bid to revive his flagging career, returns to his childhood home to stay with his estranged twin sister Dotty. When word spreads of his arrival the villagers of Honeybrook do all they can to recruit Albert to help save their village hall, the home of the local amateur dramatics theatre group, Bumble Bees.

In story development with treatment available 2019. 

Sunny  (W.T)

6 x 60′ Drama

Claire, 52, accepts a 12 month teaching exchange from Barnsley, UK to the tropical Byron Bay, Australia in a bid to cure her recently diagnosed SAD (Seasonal affective disorder). Byron’s blue skies seem to be doing the trick until visiting family overstay their welcome and Claire realises it wasn’t the British weather making her unhappy, it’s her own family…and what’s the cure for that?

Character and story development.  


6 x 60′ Drama

Paroled convicts, as part of their rehabilitation into society, are given the task of managing a community garden.

Episodes and series pitch available upon request


6 x 60′ Drama

Six military wives fight their own battles when their husbands go off to war. 

Tanked Sample for We Are Moving Stories – top 5 viewed film. 

Episode ONE: War Child is available upon request.

Molly Monday

Children’s TV

Molly, struggling come to terms with a move overseas, is given a camera to document her final weeks and discovers a whole new her world through a view finder. 

Research, character and story development.

 Treatment available 2019.


6 x 60 Period Drama

The hectic life of the pop van delivery boys selling soda to the streets of Stockport.

Episodes available upon request.


2 x 60′ – Period Drama

When Lauren’s husband crosses the picket line  she has to defend her family and home when she finds herself ostracised from the community and labelled a scab.

Episode treatments and characters available upon request.

Milk Bottle Tops

6 x 60′ Period Drama – based on true events

When miner’s wife Grace starts an all-female football tournament to raise funds for the soup kitchen during the 1921 strike, the women’s charitable intentions and ‘suffragette comrade’ veer off side when a local grocer offers a Royal Doulton dinner set to the winning team.

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