Kerry Drumm




I have a number of screenplays  at various stages of development. Below is a selection. If you would like to request my writers portfolio you can do so HERE  Stage plays HERE

pexels-photo-269173Wish Upon a Star

Television Drama 6 x 60′

Currently under option



Tanked Sample


TV Pilot – currently under option with December Media





6 x 60′ Drama (2017)

Currently under option with December Media




Chest Pains

6 x 60′ Drama (2017)

Boo, a trainee nurse working accident & emergency, juggles work, rest and play.



Bumble Bees

6 x 60′ Drama (2017)

In script development




Crash Test Divorce

Short – IMDb

A married couple are forced to confront their true feelings after an accident traps them in their car.



Half of Me

Short film (in post production) – IMDb

Helen tries to justify the abandonment of her daughter ten years ago.



Television  Drama – 2 x 60′

When Lauren’s husband crosses the picket line  she has to defend her family and home when she finds herself ostracised from the community and labelled a scab.




6 x 60 Drama

When a youth club on the Woody estate comes under threat from the council, the clubs members take on the establishment and demand to be heard.



6 x 30 Drama

Ada, living in the worst house in the street, is under pressure from family to sell her house while the market is hot, but Ada is determined to stay, even when she risks losing everything.



Milk Bottle Tops

6 x TV Drama – based on true events

Grace, agains the wishes of her miner husband and family, starts a womens football tournament to raise funds for the soup kitchen during the strike of 1921.


If you would like to discuss any of the above titles, or request my writers portfolio, you can contact me HERE



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