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Great Barrier Reef

 Great Barrier Reef (2018)

Writers: Tony Wright & Kerry Drumm. Narrated by Eric Bana and produced by December Media for IMAX and Giant Screen. 



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TV Pilot and series BIBLE available upon request

Bumble Bees

6 x 60′  Drama

More information soon.

Feature, episodes and series pitch available upon request


6 x 60′ Drama

Six military wives fight their own battles when their husbands go off to war. 

Tanked Sample for We Are Moving Stories – top 5 viewed film. 

Visual Storyboards HERE

Episodes available upon request.


2 x 60′ – Period Drama

When Lauren’s husband crosses the picket line  she has to defend her family and home when she finds herself ostracised from the community and labelled a scab.

Visual Storyboards HERE


Be Someone Today: ‘Script Aloud’ ADP Image: Mark Russell
  • World Premiere, September 2019 – more info HERE 
  • VDL Nomimated – 2019
  • Licence: JAB Management.
  • 1 of 65, from 700 submissions to make it to the second round at the Bush Theatre UK.


Full length – 2 ACT – 3 Roles: 2W 1M

Teenager Tabs plans to spend the summer with her estranged mother, until the discovery of the truth has Tabs trying to find her way home.

  • Selected for as one of six plays for the PlaySix festival – performed at the Gasworks, Melbourne, featuring Melanie Madrigali, directed by Alicia Benn-Lawler. 
  • Reached the final round of Reboot theatre submission. 
  • Reached the final round of Canal Shorts.
  • The film version, featuring Lee McClenaghan and directed by Katrina Mathers is currently in post-production – due for release 2018.
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Half of Me

1 Role – Female, Monologue – 20 mins

Helen attempts to justify the abandonment of her daughter Tabs when she discovers a letter from Tabs post marked two years ago.

Be Someone Today

ONE ACT – 3 Roles – 35-45 mins

Three connected lives are separately impacted  by the destructive actions of one person.


Half of Me (2019) Directed by Katrina Mathers, Choo Choo Productions

Half of Her (2019) Directed by Harry Anderson (co-writer Rowan Howard), Choo Choo Productions

All of Me (2019) Directed by Lee McClenaghan, Choo Choo Productions

Crash Test Divorce (2017) Directed by Dana Newell, Screen Australia Guide

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Tanked Sample – We Are Moving Stories

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