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Although there are some heavy and dark issues put forth in the play, Ms Drumm’s compassionate writing handles them with sensitivity and the moments of humour, which are nicely interspersed throughout the play, give us, the audience, a little breathing space. We laugh, cry and feel hope.Reviewer – Deborah Fabbro

Strawberry had its world premiere at Williamstown Little Theatre (WLT). 16 performances from 4th September to 21st September. Directed by Shirley Sydenham, featuring Tamar Collier, Liam O’Kane and Maxine Palmerson, Strawberry is WLT 2019 VDL Nominated production.

Maxine Palmerson nominated lead actress as Tabs, WLT Cordell Awards.

Directors note: Why did I Choose Strawberry?

Bottom line: it made me cry… and I still cried right up to the final performance. It’s raw and real and beautiful and honest. Such a beautifully written play. I love the three characters, each in a different way: Tabs is central in this story, and I love her courage and feistiness. She faced up to an awful truth, got a bit rocky but survived and grew up; Adam is a wonderful portrait of unconditional love. He put his life on hold for this child, from the moment he first held her. He risks losing her but lets her go in order to keep her; Helen breaks your heart, makes you wish you could have rescued her to spare her the terrible years of trauma that continued through her childhood; her pain makes you want to hug her tight.

Layer upon layer is revealed as the play progresses, but in the end there’s the beginning of healing for each of them. The three intertwined stories are told with clarity, with love, and without judgement.

WLT Synopsis:

Tabitha. Tab. A feisty, confident fifteen year old who has been raised since birth by single dad, Adam. A typical teen; outspoken, messy, glued to her smartphone, listening to music and constant messaging. Out of the blue, her mother makes contact and, against Adam’s will, Tab determinedly leaves for a short stay with Helen… where her secure world is turned upside down. How does Tab deal with the truth of her story?A look at the spectrum of parental love. Three intertwined stories by local writer, Kerry Drumm, told with warmth, humour and love


  • HELEN: Tamar Collier
  • ADAM: Liam O’Kane
  • TABS: Maxine Palmerson

Production Team

  • Director: Shirley Sydenham
  • Production Co-ordinator: Maria Haughey
  • Stage Manager: Emma Hunt
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Jessica Kucy
  • Set Design: Dion Sexton
  • Set Dressing: Celia Meehan, Greta Doell and Maria Haughey
  • Lighting Design: Craig Pearcey
  • Costume Design: Jodi Hope
  • Props: Celia Meehan
  • Lighting and Sound Operators: Peter Newling & Les Hart

Images: Caroline Oxley – Copyright Williamstown Little Theatre

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